The Donald

Donald Trump

Almost one week after election day and the world has not exploded. The Donald is officially the President of the United States of America. My news feed has been pummeled with article after article of America after Donald Trump. The question is, Is this the same Donald many of Americans have grown to hate?

So far I count three different position changes, away from the crazy rhetoric of an orange man to a reasonable business man with America as a whole in mind. Within one week, the wall around Mexico became a fence, the 11 million immigrants to be deported became 3 million immigrants (legal or not) that have committed crimes, and Obamacare went from completely being repealed to keeping some good provisions and removing the rest. Were his crazy antics just a ploy to get the votes no one else could get?

If this election has taught us anything is that it is time Washington D.C. listened to the people. Primary polls had Hillary losing to The Donald, and Sanders winning in a Sanders Trump race to the White House. People want honesty, not career politicians with a history of flip-flopping. Was it just me, or did everyone else feel like the Democrats were trying to bully the voters into voting for Hillary? This election seemed to take a turn from winning on policy to more of a “vote for me because you don’t want that guy to win” strategy.

Hillary’s campaign and the media pigeonholed every Trump supporter or potential Trump supporter into the category of racist, sexists, or homophobic. Although that may be true for some followers, that was not the case for all. For many, just like Bernie Sanders, Trump represents change and change is what America needs right now. People are tired of career politicians shoving their pockets with millions in corporate campaign contributions and saying they represent the people. People are sick of the kickbacks and the power that comes with a multimillion dollar campaign contribution from a big corporation.

Bernie is the man who represents a change for the Democratic party and for some reason the Democratic party treated him like a third party candidate. The Democrats had a chance to truly make a change this year and they dropped the ball by going with a career politician with a history of campaign contributions and relations with big corporations. Was this because Corporate America had a say in this election? Hopefully not. The point is America needs change and the citizens of America elected Donald Trump because many voters feel, just like Bernie Sanders, he can bring change.

I know what some of you are thinking, “but he didn’t win the popular vote, he should not be our president.” Well, this is how it’s always been, and both parties knew the consequences of losing in the big states, and both sides had an equal chance to pull support in those states. The fact is, Hillary was not a good enough candidate. Many supporters of Bernie during the primary jumped ship to the Donald after Sanders was kicked to the curb, because unlike Hillary, Sanders and Trump relate to the working class, the blue collar workers who have been laid off by outsourcing.

The point is America needs change, and Hillary was not the candidate to bring that change. I am all for a women president, but I refuse to sacrifice quality just to make history. We can only hope “crazy Donald Trump” was just a persona for the media. The Donald is an entertainer and has been for some time, Is it possible we just witnessed the power of Reality TV? If so, it worked. This is a wake-up call for Washington D.C. Citizens want representation from real people and not politically programmed robots who say what we want to hear.

But hey, that’s just my opinion.